Food and Drink at Dewsall

A matter of taste

From the simplest supper to the most lavish feast, equal thought and care has been made by our teams to ensure guests are left with happy memories and full bellies.

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Fusion Wedding Menus

We are hugely excited to collaborate with Ruchita Green on our delicious Fusion Wedding menus.

“Food is a huge part of Indian weddings, and is entwined with the culture and rituals that are part of the wedding itself. In creating wedding menus, it is important for me to understand the cultural background of the two families that are coming together, and create a feast that they will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives. I would hope that my passion for exploring heritage Indian recipes and recreating classic dishes with a contemporary twist, will result in a unique experience for the families.”

Ruchita Green is a private chef, born and raised in Pune, India. Moving halfway across the world at the age of 21, she found herself craving the foods of her hometown, home cooking and street food alike, and started experimenting with them in her student halls. Over the years, her love and passion for hearty Indian home cooking has blossomed into an award-winning small business Masala Masters. Beyond curry and rice, Indian cuisine has a diversity that resonates with the diversity of cultures across the sub-continent. Every region of the Indian sub-continent enjoys a special sub-culture, which reflects in its rituals, way of life, and food.