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Our Story

Our secluded setting makes the perfect rural and hopelessly romantic destination for the ultimate wedding, completely bespoke to you


Welcome to Dewsall, a family home full of rich history and hidden secrets

Built in 1644, by Richard Pearle, Dewsall Court was a family home for over 100 years and linked to many patrons of the arts such as Handel and poet Alexander Pope. Passed down to the 1st Duke of Chandos who was a relation of Jane Austen, like her stories the house was full with parties and indulgence, which sadly led to the Duke's bankruptcy, and the fortunes of Dewsall taking a serious turn.

The house was then owned by Guy’s Hospital for over 300 years, but its ties with the arts continued to endure and one of the treasures of the house - a painting called The Judgement of Paris in the manner of Lely – now hangs in the boardroom of Guy’s Hospital in London. It is even said that paintings from The National Gallery were stored at Dewsall for protection during the Second World War.

From the 1960s Dewsall passed through a variety of custodians who tried to demolish it, let it fall derelict, and let the SAS practice on it!  Finally, in 1989 the Robinson family came to Dewsall’s rescue and spent a decade restoring it. The house once again was a much-loved family home, for the first time since the reign of Queen Anne. Legendary parties began once again and set the tone for the future.

Sadly in 2007, Joe died and in 2009 the family decided to move out and make the house into the exclusive use venue it is today. Jane, Samantha and Joseph are still very much involved in ensuring Dewsall continues to be the welcoming and special home from home for all its guests.