Meet The Team

“Through this time Dewsall remained a fireside for friends.”

A family of friends and colleagues


One of the most gratifying things we have found in our visitor’s book, time after time, is the huge love for the team that help support, plan and bring to life your wedding or event. I am sure that the Robinson family motto ‘work hard, play hard’ comes to life in the way we operate our business together. We are all truly dedicated, we love events, we love food, dancing, and creativity. We will always aim for a very high standard of service while still having a sense of humour and ease with our customers. Events are supposed to be fun and enjoyable and although they take huge amounts of planning in order to ensure a perfect delivery, we want our customers to enjoy the process of creation with us.

Our team is experienced and approachable. From the first enquiry to waving you back down the drive at the end of the stay, you have a bespoke team to support you. From the moment you arrive, your house host will welcome you and your guests and make you feel at home. Throughout your stay, we are there for kind words to soothe your nerves, last-minute questions, a cup of tea, or a quick fix. Our team will make sure every person has the most memorable 3 days of their lives.